Does Google care what Websites do!? Is SEO useless in 2020 2021?

Admin Published on November 24, 2020

Does Google care what Websites do!? Is SEO
Useless in 2020!? The Complete Guide to SEO Best
Google pays high attention to anything within your
website. To be friendly with Google, Websites must have great content to be rewarded with search results that increases traffic to the website.
The purpose of any organization is to generate income.
Your Website is one of the most important Resources for
your company to generate money/sales, you must
entice Google bots to be on The First Page of Search Engine
SEO is still Relevant in 2020 and always will be.
• How To 10X Your Sales With The Complete Guide To SEO
Best Practice

1. Researching Your Industry helps you identifying Your
Customers and targeting them with highly effective content
that is driven from one of The Three Objectives ( Generating
Qualified Leads – Generating Qualified Customers – Increase
Awareness )

2. The Title Tag and Meta Description should include
Keywords relevant to The Content of The Web Pages they
describe. This helps Search Engines understand what the
Page is about and index your Web Pages accordingly for
Relevant Keywords.

3. User Experience is important so you must put in your
consideration The Loading Time so Resizing Images is an
Important factor.
4. Your Landing Pages and Pages Speed are Two Important
Factors for User Experience.
5. Linking Your Blog Posts Together telling Google
That your Posts are Epic and have Authority.
6. The Importance of Design of a Website and The Landing
Pages and User Experience (UX).
7. Using Tools For Keyword Research like Keyword Planner.

8. Focus on Getting Backlinks That give you Authority
because this makes Google think that your Website drives value and has Authority.

9. Share Your Content and Blog Posts on Social Media Platforms Making People interact with your content/brand.

10. Use Free and Paid SEO Tools to Boost your Ranking.

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