How to Share Google Drive URLs the Easy Way

Admin Published on November 10, 2020

Google Drive long URL's and in general any long URL, using a URL shortener is the best idea for making Google Drive files and long links easier to share. Instead of an insane 150+ character URL that are simply not appealing to look at or share and next to impossible to remember or type, using a URL shortener like makes them much more manageable.

Simply copy and paste the long link for the file you want to share and paste it into the box on the homepage of to get a short link.

If you do this all the time, take it a step further by creating an account at This lets you shorten a link on any webpage with one click, and even lets you make it into a QR code, perfect for showcasing! There are lots of other options if this one doesn't do the trick for you.

It's more useful if you have set up as a quick bookmark, and you have to be okay with the link being potentially accessible to everyone as a free short URL link. Either logged in or logged out, using one service to do two things is a nice little time saver, and is free to use for shortening URL's..


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