Google Search Worldwide NCR Info

Admin Published on November 16, 2020

Have you ever tried searching Google for something globally using or even only to discover you are sent right back to this for example: instead of

I will now explain how to to stop this from happening assuming you are using Google Chrome Browser!

1. Go to settings in Google Chrome Browser.

2. Click on: Search Engine  or copy and paste this in a new tab chrome://settings/searchEngines

3. Click Add Search Engine then copy and paste the information below:


Search engine

google ncr_

URL with %s in place of query


Please do note that this method is for people who use Google search to search globally instead of your country also it is good for research purposes too. You can switch back to your usual Google search engine anytime and if you use Google to search for local queries quite often then it would be advisable to disable or remove this option until needed again.



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