Optimize your website for social media

Admin Published on November 19, 2020

Wondering where to start with optimizing your websites for Social Media?

12 relevant and useful tips for optimizing a website for Social Media.

1. Add like and share buttons on your website to encourage people to share your website content on social media sites around the world.

2. Optimise your social media for your website by placing a decent description and of course a link to your website.

3. Consider adding a social login or register feature to your website and also ensure you are able to add social integrations to your website's current architecture or CMS.

4. Share your website on relevant groups across various social networks though do ensure you are not posting unrelated information and irrelevant information to groups not specific to your industry.

5. Check all text and descriptions for errors, including all posts and recent/past posts if not already done yet. no matter how good you are you are likely to make errors the most common being typos.

6. Try social exchanges and paid social bookmarking services, make sure you are using quality services bad quality means bad optimization.

7. Ask friends and family to share your brand on social media.

8. Promote your Social pages on your website and contact cards.

9 Encourage everyone you know to like your page/post.

10. You can also promote your social pages on traffic exchanges though many would say automated traffic exchanged are a waste of time.

11. Post every single day (At least 1 time a week) on your social media pages, providing useful information related to your brand.

12. Create social media accounts on networks you are not part of yet. 

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