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Admin Published on November 09, 2020 – Great for freelancers, small-mid sized businesses (free version).

Best URL Shortener Services to Shrink and Track

How do I shorten a URL for free?
Create a short URL
Visit the K9 URL shortener site at
If you aren't signed in, click the Sign in button.
Write or paste your URL in the Paste your long URL here box.
Click the Shorten URL.

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How do you create a short URL?

How can I use free?
Creating Short links

Just go to and enter the full URL in the box. Click “Shorten” and you'll see a page with your new shorter URL. That's it! Now just click the Copy button and then go to wherever you want to use it and paste it in. What Is It and How Do You Use It? 
 How can I use free?
How do you get a short URL for Instagram?
Go to For example, if the username is "johndoe," type in as the URL. Click the post you want to save and copy the link at the top of your browser.

How do I get a link (URL) to a photo or video on Instagram?
How do you get a short URL for Instagram?
What happened to Google URL shortener?
Google's URL shortener,, is shutting down. The change was announced 2 years ago, in March 2018, when Google shut down the service for new users from March 30 of 2019 even longtime users will not be able to shorten URLs using the service. ... Second, longtime users will need to find a new service such as

Secure Options for URL Shortening
Do links expire? links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at While you can hide links and their analytics from the analytics view, the data will remain with

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