What are the different types of Ad extensions and what do they mean?

Admin Published on November 30, 2020

What are the different types of Ad extensions and what do they mean?


Ad extensions are pieces of information that get added to your advertisement to help your ads CTR (click-through rate). There are multiple types of ad extensions that do different things. For example…

1- Call extensions

Call extensions attach your companies cell number to the ad. When you add a call extension to your ad when people then view your ad they will have accessibility to call your company.


2-Social extensions

When you put a social extension onto your ad. If someone clicks on it they will be directed to your social media. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc making them a potential customer.


3- Location extensions

Location extensions put your companies address in the ad. This helps customers because it provides them with a map of your location.


4- Seller ratings

This extension can help grow your business dramatically because when a customer sees other people saying that your product is useful then they are pushed to buy it because they feel like it’s effective and they’re getting their money’s worth.


5-Offer extensions

Offer extensions can also help your business because people will be drawn to your product when theirs an offer. This is because they will feel like they need the product even when they might not because it’s on sale. Customers tend to feel like if a product is on sale it has to be bought because you never know if it’s ever going on sale again.

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